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Grateful Greetings, July 4, 2009

"Do You Really Want to Preserve Freedom?" We all profess to value freedom. We say we want to preserve it for our children and grandchildren. We affirm and honor the sacrifices of our forefathers. But we do not always act in the manner freedom requires. There are times when we are tempted to take actions that seriously threaten individual freedom. We want to do what is right, but we believe that can come later.

We are living at a time when freedom is being severely challenged. Choices are being made between what seems to be more important or pressing at the moment versus what is required to preserve freedom . We need to approach these choices carefully. We must not be so distracted by the urgencies, emergencies and crises of the moment that we lose sight of the underlying principals upon which America was founded and upon which the future of America rests.

On this 4th of July, may each of us think deeply about our responsibility to preserve freedom and seek to act in such a manner as to assure "that this Union, the Constitution, and the liberties of the people shall be perpetuated in accordance with the original idea for which that struggle was made." Freedom is not about comfort or convenience. It is not about what we would like to do. It is about securing opportunity for each individual. It is about individual responsibility. It is about a continuing struggle to do what we ought to do and must do, to preserve this precious gift.

In appreciation of your friendship,

H. Herchiel Sims, Jr


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