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Grateful Greetings, July 4, 2007

The fight for freedom must go on. There will always be those who challenge freedom and seek "world domination". In 1776, at great risk, an extraordinary group of people created a new nation that has been an example of the creativity and power of a free people for over 230 years. During those years, freedom has been challenged both here and abroad. In each case we have accepted the challenge and the responsibility to preserve what was so dearly bought. Over and over ordinary people have accomplished extraordinary things in order to preserve this nation and its role of leadership in expanding freedom in the world.

Today, our nation struggles to find our proper role in a world of terrorists and religious extremists. Sometimes our debate is constructive. Sometimes it is not. When we search for answers in a sincere and honest way, our debate moves us toward a positive and constructive solution. When our debate is reduced to attempts to criminalize political differences or to secure political power at any cost, it is destructive. Our Pledge of Allegiance refers to an "indivisible" nation. If our debate is not grounded in the search for truth, our "indivisible" nation is at risk.

On the occasion of President Gerald Fordís funeral, Dr. Henry Kissinger said, "He did his duty as a leader, not as a performer playing to a gallery." That must be the spirit of our debate. On this July 4th, as we search for truth, may we make a commitment to the integrity of our debate in such a way as to preserve this "...one nation under God, indivisible...."

In appreciation of your friendship,

H. Herchiel Sims, Jr


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