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Grateful Greetings, July 4, 2003

A great confusion has evolved in our country regarding the separation of church and state. There are those who believe that God should not be seen in our national fabric. In contrast, however, we recognize that the abandonment of public religion undermines that which gives life meaning.

The foundation of our freedom and the establishment of the United States of America began with a recognition that God, not man, is the source of all freedom, morality, ethical values, and truth. Every human being is created equal under God. Every individual is intended to enjoy certain God-given rights.

The Constitution prohibits the establishment of a national religion. It separates the power and influence of organized religion (The Church) from the power and influence of organized government (The State). The Constitution does not separate God from the country. Rather, it permits each individual to determine what form the worship of God will take. We are "One Nation Under God."

There is a vast difference between the separation of church and state and attempts to remove God from our national culture. On this July 4, 2003, may we give thanks for our freedom, and acknowledging that it is a gift from God, reaffirm our national motto, "In God We Trust."


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