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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1992

WORK and FREEDOM We value this Independence Day for the freedom to work in callings and localities of our choosing where we can become interdependent to effect the teamwork that is required for success in a free competitive society. A good example of interdependence and teamwork is our supermarket where one can find over 30,000 different items.

When we visit one of these supermarkets and ponder all the skills, creativity and voluntary unstructured cooperation that placed these items at our disposal, we are experiencing Adam Smith's magic wand in action. Voluntary interdependence can bring freedom. It works when free, responsible patriots like our founders are willing to work and risk their lives and their fortunes. Yes! This freedom we hold so dear requires risk. "You can't steal second base with one foot on first." Neither can you avoid the risk of unemployment without a socialistic totalitarian system that ends in chaos, i.e., the USSR. This being an election year, we should observe: politicians are not the source of jobs in a free society. The candidates who understand this, and would protect our free society from oppressive government, deserve our support.

For the individual the secret and personal importance of good work is reflected by the enclosed Thoughts On Work gleaned from many sources.


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