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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1989

Elton Trueblood continues his thought on freedom and discipline. "The freedom of the surgeon to use his drill to cut away the bony structure, close to a tiny nerve without severing it, arises from a similar discipline. It is doubtful if excellence in any field comes in any other way. John Milton was revealing something of his own creative power when he wrote, 'There is not that thing in the world of more grave and urgent importance, throughout the whole life of man, than is discipline.'"

Nothing more important than discipline!! Discipline is the price of freedom!!

Discipline is the strength to forego momentary pleasure for those things of lasting value. Freedom provides us with the opportunity to grow physically-mentally-socially-spiritually. Freedom is only opportunity until a person can command himself. Self-discipline is your pathway to the future. Understand, appreciate, and show respect for your blessings under God in our Free Society, and you will comprehend your destiny.


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