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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1986

Chuck Yeager, a man of many accomplishments, is best known as the first to break the sound barrier. His autobiography, Yeager, depicts a lover of freedom. He epitomizes his state's (WV) motto...MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI. When asked by U.S. News and World Report..."if you landed on the moon, what would you do first?", his spontaneous response was "I'd do exactly what....I was told to do." In Yeager we have a living example of a passion for freedom and a discipline for crucial obedience, the "RIGHT STUFF," a sustainer of a free society.

On this July 4, 1986 as we celebrate our independence, we should remember that without obedience, freedom ends in chaos whether in government, home, church, school, business, the professions, at work or at play. Our free society is dependent on OUR VOLUNTARY OBEDIENCE to God and Country. VOLUNTARY obedience to God and Country goes far beyond obedience to a set of enforceable statutes. It is an agreed upon and widely held conviction of the need for self-discipline in behavior and fair dealing in public and private affairs.

The price that has been paid for our freedom through others' obedience to God and Country is exemplified by the reality of our young soldier's last requests..."When you go home, tell them that for their tomorrow, we lost our today."


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