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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1985


J. PETER GRACE "No nation is any greater than its family unit." BILLY GRAHAM "When we lose the home, we lose the country." EZRA TAFT BENSON "I pay humble tribute to the home. It is America's greatest strength...the family is the most important organization in time and all eternity..." HAROLD M. VOTH "The future is not bright. Restoring the stability of the family becomes the concern of us all...our way of life will be destroyed within three of four generations if present trends continue." MAYER EISENSTEIN "In the long view of history, we see that the family is the only institution which has survived, and I believe it is the only one which can lead us back to the Judeo-Christian ethic in these horrendous and trying times." JOE J. CHRISTENSEN "...the greatest work we will ever accomplish will be within the walls of our own home. That takes time, planning, and togetherness." ARCHBISHOP NICHOLAS T. ELKO "The family that displays an American flag on its lawn on a national holiday demonstrates its pride and belief in the future of this country."

The future of our Free Society is in its families and the strength of a family is in the example of the parents.


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