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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1984

Free enterprise is the economic system which best accommodates individuality and allows the individual to affirm that life and living come from giving.
In 1876, the noted political economist at Yale, William Graham Sumner, spoke these words that we should ponder:

This is a world in which toil is the road to wealth. it is a world in which industry, economy, prudence, temperance, are sure roads to health, wealth, comfort and happiness, if men will only leave those virtues to operate freely under the laws which are set for human life. It is a world in which idleness, extravagance, dissipation and want of thrift are sternly and piteously punished; unless men, by their laws, rob virtue of its rewards to transfer them to vice. That is all which any "protection" ever can do, and it is the worst injustice which law can perpetrate. It is the injustice of the old despotisms and caste aristocracies, and of all systems of class legislation and privilege, an injustice which has made history one long record of revolutions and social wars and broils and tumults. We may perpetrate it over again in the name of democracy, but we may be sure we shall only produce the same results.

This election year 1984 is separated over one hundred years from Dr. Sumner's words. Will we choose Freedom or "Protection"? Our FREEDOM and that of our children depends on our choice.


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