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Grateful Greetings, July 4, 1975

"The society in which we live-the environment-is conditioned by the absence or presence of those who persistently pursue excellence." Leonard E. Read

This is what freedom lets you do, "persistently pursue excellence." Our forefathers gave us the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." There is no other way to pursue life, liberty and happiness save through the pursuit of excellence.

Freedom is nothing else but the chance to be better; whereas, bondage is a certainty of the worst. Freedom permits us to do things for ourselves. Anytime we delegate to our government the things we should do for ourselves, we are weakened; we give up power and take another step towards bondage. Let us pray to God that we will not, through our complacency-apathy-dependency, be an aid in completing the cycle to bondage.

On this July Fourth let us dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence-
excellence in our work, excellence in our leisure, excellence in our worship of God.


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