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Grateful Greetings July 4, 1972

Freedom is for the doers of this world. It is not of great importance to those who allow themselves to be "kept people." Edison, on his 80th birthday, said "Today I am wondering what would have happened to me by now if 50 years ago some fluent talker had converted me to the theory of the eight-hour day and convinced me that it was not fair to my fellow workers to put forth my best efforts in my work."

Every responsibility we give to government or to an organization reduces our personal freedom-because he who has the responsibility must also have the power.

Always there is a way to live a better life. Freedom is the door that provides the individual with the maximum opportunity for that better life because each is unique and he alone knows what better way he can find.

On this July 4 may we have a new awareness of our great heritage and a new resolve to do our part to preserve it.


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