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Grateful Greetings

1970. A new decade for what? As we celebrate this July 4th, we query why so many of our ancestors have been willing to give their life for freed man.

". . . the pursuit of happiness" is growing. We are happy when we are growing. The drawing on the front symbolizes the four God-given opportunities we have for growing: physically, the dumbbell; mentally, the ellipsoid; socially, the center links; spiritually, the circle.

Individuals, society, government, the church may provide the opportunity for growth but only he who directs his own effort on that piece of ground given him to till can grasp the opportunity and grow toward his potential.

Thomas Carlyle said "the greatest law of culture is: let each become all that he was created capable of being."

As we make the four-dimensional pursuit of happiness may we each seek to pass on opportunities for every person should he, too, choose to grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually to his full potential.


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