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Grateful Greetings

On this July 4, 1969 we would like to highlight one of the blessings of freed man:  that is, we are free to choose what we will be by what we think.

At the turn of the century James Allen in his treatise As A Man Thinketh set forth the attached precept.  It is diametrically opposed to those who would enslave us with the thought that we are a product of society.  It is the contemporary "struggle for men's minds" that is daily swirling about us.  We have turned to the Rorschach test to illustrate Allen's precept.  Dr. Rorschach has demonstrated that what we perceive in an ink blot reflects what we are.  Each of us determines his own destiny.  We can either program our own mind or it will be programmed by other people.  There are present in our country those who, for the sake of power, want a society with no vitality.  Let others fill our minds with obscenities, vulgarities, profanities, doubts, fears and despair and they will destroy the freest, healthiest and most progressive society the world has seen.

We pray that we, men freed for responsibility, will choose our mental in-put.


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