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Grateful Greetings

On this July 4, 1968 when our nation is under attack from within and from without, Einstein's precept may give us a new dimension of appreciation for all the men and women who have given us an opportunity to struggle in a free society unequaled in any other place in the world.

By using symbolism as a border for Einstein's precept, we have depicted how our day is made possible by people. The symbols speak of people who provide for our physical comfort and well-being; the scientist, builders, manufacturers, distributors, doctors and mothers. The shovel indicates the ditch digger, without whose labor we would not have running water in our houses. People who contribute to our mental development are numerous. The lamp symbolizes the philosopher; we see the writer, educator and artist. The eye represents all of those who are responsible for our eye health, making it possible for us to read and observe. Our societal life is depicted by the gavel of democratic authority; other symbols remind us of family and friends. There are those who have influenced our spiritual growth from antiquity to the present hour, and they are shown here by three symbols.

As we are truly grateful on this Independence Day for all of the people living and dead who made this day possible, may we try even more diligently to extend our blessings of freedom to others.


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