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"For 52 years the Sims family has been producing our annual July Fourth Greeting and sending it to thousands of friends, West Virginia citizens and business acquaintances of United Talent and HealthSmart (formerly Employers Service Corporation). The purpose of these Greetings has been to share with our friends a reminder of the importance of Freedom and the responsibilities of all to preserve that Freedom. Dedication to the principals of Freedom and God-Given Rights has inspired my grandfather and my father to serve our country in this manner. We strongly believe that our Freedom must be continually earned through abiding faith and commitment to its preservation. These annual messages have served to inspire thousands, if just once a year, to ponder the importance of the American Experiment and the concept that this Freedom we enjoy is God's intent for all humanity."

With the publication of this website, all the Greetings we have produced are now available for your perusal in one location. I hope that you enjoy what is provided here and welcome your personal insights into the greatness of our country and the Greatness of Our God."

  ~ Bradford L. Sims
                 Owner, United Talent


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